Approved forms, protocols, checklists and templates are available to assist a range of stakeholders in complying with the legislation.

Approved forms for cooling water systems

The Public Health Regulation 2022 requires six approved forms to be used to document certain aspects of managing a cooling water system. One version of these forms can be edited online, the other can be downloaded and printed:

Further information is provided in the NSW Guidelines for Legionella Control in Cooling Water Systems.

Local government authority acronym list

Local government authorities should use this Local government acronym list to issue unique identification numbers for cooling water systems.

Trigger Action Response Protocols (TARPs) for cooling water systems at thermal power stations

Under the Public Health Regulation 2022, a cooling water system at a thermal power station must be maintained in accordance with the Thermal Power Station Main Water Cooling Systems—Trigger Action Response Protocols.

Inspection checklists for authorised officers

Inspection tools have been developed by the NSW Ministry of Health to support local government authorities and public health units to carry out inspections regarding installation and maintenance of cooling water systems.

Industry stakeholders may also wish to use these tools to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2022.

Templates for improvement notices and prohibition orders

Visit our Forms and templates page for an improvement notice, prohibition order and certificate of clearance template.

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