Approval of warm water systems including thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs)

Under the Public Health Regulation 2022, a warm water system must not be installed in a hospital unless it is of a kind approved in writing by the Secretary.



The Public Health Regulation 2022 (the Regulation) commenced on 1 September 2022. Changes to the Regulation do not affect the approval of warm water systems. The documents on this page will be updated in due course but may still be used in the meantime.

If approved, the company who made the application will be issued with a letter that specifies approval conditions. A copy of this letter may be provided to customers or other interested parties as evidence of approval.
The specifications and process for approving systems are described in the following documents:

Provision of cold and heated water in hospitals

The Policy Directive: Water - Requirements for the provision of cold and heated water [PD2015_008] contains requirements for the provision of cold and heated water to be observed by hospitals, as defined in the Public Health Act 2010, to manage the risk of Legionella and to prevent scalding. A thermostatic mixing valve commissioning and/or maintenance report is provided in Attachment 1.

Notification of installation or change in particulars

Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that the local government authority is notified of an installation or change in particulars of a warm water system, using Approved Form 6: Notification of installation or change in particulars.

Inspection checklists for authorised officers

Inspection tools have been developed by the NSW Ministry of Health to support local government authorities and public health units to carry out inspections regarding installation and maintenance of warm water systems.
Industry stakeholders may also wish to use these tools to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2022.

Templates for improvement notices and prohibition orders

Visit our Forms and templates page for an improvement notice, prohibition order and certificate of clearance template.

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