Students interactive session

 Information snippets (17KB). Download snippets for the school newsletter or website. Topics include ideas on packing Crunch&Sip® and ways of encouraging children to eat more vegetables, fruit and drink water.

 Crunch&Sip tips (118KB). Ideas to ensure all students have fruit and vegetables for Crunch&Sip®.

 Crunch&Sip® student certificate (887KB). Download the editable PDF student certificate – just insert student name and class or school and print. Each teacher or school can decide how they’d like to award the certificates.

 Fruit and vegetable costumes (692KB). Instructions for making fruit and vegetable costumes, ranging from simple to more complex.

 Sample Crunch&Sip® policy (94KB). Download the policy template to help draft a school Crunch&Sip policy.

 Crunch&Sip® Staff presentation (11.8 MB) and  Crunch&Sip® Parent presentation (11.8 MB). These PowerPoints can be presented to school staff and parents to gain their support to implement Crunch&Sip® at the school.​​​​

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