The NSW Hepatitis B Strategy 2023-2026 provides a system-wide framework for NSW Health and partners to respond to hepatitis B from 2023 to 2026. NSW has committed to supporting National and World Health Organization (WHO) strategic goals to eliminate hepatitis B as a public health concern by 2030. The Strategy outlines priorities for hepatitis B prevention, early diagnosis and care, as well as how NSW can improve access and equity to services.

The Strategy identifies key focus areas, which are to ensure:

  • culturally and linguistically diverse people impacted by hepatitis B are identified and linked to care
  • pregnant women are screened for hepatitis B infection, and preventative action is taken to minimise infection of their child
  • people impacted by hepatitis B are informed, followed up and engaged in care
  • we maintain high hepatitis B vaccine coverage, including for Aboriginal people, that is patient centred, evidence based and culturally appropriate.

The Strategy focuses efforts on priority populations including:

  • Aboriginal people
  • People living with chronic hepatitis B
  • Pregnant women living with hepatitis B and their babies
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • People who have ever injected drugs.

More Information

Information regarding co-payments for medicines used in the treatment of hepatitis B, including prescriber accreditation and patient content forms is available from the Co-payments for Section 100 website.

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