To reduce hepatitis B infections in NSW and improve the health outcomes of people living with hepatitis B in NSW, the NSW Hepatitis B Strategy 2014-2020 outlines five targets to be achieved by 2020:

  1. achieve hepatitis B childhood vaccination coverage of 95%
  2. ensure all pregnant women are screened for hepatitis B
  3. ensure all babies born to hepatitis B positive mothers receive hepatitis B immunoglobulin within 12 hours of birth
  4. reduce sharing of injecting equipment among people who inject drugs            by 25%; and
  5. increase the number of people living with hepatitis B receiving antiviral treatment (when clinically indicated) by 300%.

To achieve these targets the Hepatitis B Strategy identifies these key actions:

  • building on established hepatitis B prevention efforts
  • increasing hepatitis B testing and diagnosis
  • improving monitoring, care and treatment for people living with hepatitis B.
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Date of Publication: 15 September 2014
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