The NSW Health Strategic Framework for Integrating Care sets an overarching vision for how NSW Health approaches care integration.

It guides activities to support better outcomes for individuals, families, health professionals, community health workers, and the broader health system. 

These outcomes include: 

  • people, families, and carers experiencing better coordination of care across different settings,
  • improved health and wellbeing of the population, with greater health literacy and self-care,
  • a more value-based health system with reduced duplication in investment and services and more effective use of resources,
  • greater job satisfaction for service providers, clinicians, and other staff, with improved experiences of providing care. 

The framework describes a system-wide approach to integration that encompasses population health, acute, non-acute and community services. It will support and guide health services in moving towards closer systems integration.

The framework was informed by widespread engagement and consultation across health and social care, including interviews with key health and social care stakeholders to explore insights and integrated care opportunities. 

A literature review and lessons from more than 10 years of integration across NSW Health also informed the framework development.

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Date of Publication: 01 November 2018
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