The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) has launched the new Maternity and Neonatal Safety Program.

The Perinatal Safety Education pathways are designed to improve the safety and quality of maternity care by facilitating and promoting a collaborative approach to assessing, detecting, escalating and managing clinical deterioration in maternal, fetal and newborn conditions. Perinatal Safety Education is an integral part of the Deteriorating Patient Education program.

The program has been approved by the NSW Mandatory Training Standards Committee and remains mandatory education for maternity clinicians. The learning pathway includes online components with annual face to face training and knowledge assessment which has an overall reduction in education hours. 

The new learning pathways include:

  • online modules for both Maternal and Fetal Education, to be completed only once
  • an annual online assessment quiz thereafter for both Fetal and Maternal Safety Education. This must be completed successfully to achieve compliance
  • 3 hours of Fetal Safety and 3 hours of Maternal Safety face to face educational content (team training) to be completed annually.

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Current as at: Friday 9 July 2021
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