Tragically, on average six babies are stillborn each day in Australia. In NSW the rate of stillbirth is 6 per 1000 births in 2018. This rate has remained relatively unchanged in over a decade.

Reducing stillbirth in Australia

The National Stillbirth Action and Implementation Plan was released in December 2020. The primary goal of the plan is to reduce stillbirth rates in Australia by 20% or more within the next 5 years.

The National Stillbirth Action and Implementation Plan was developed in response to the Australian Senate Select Committee on Stillbirth Research and Education recommendations tabled in parliament in December 2018.  The Australian Government response included an investment of $7.2 million in initiatives designed to reduce stillbirths. All jurisdictions are contributing to the National Stillbirth Action and Implementation Plan to reduce Stillbirth in Australia.

Reducing stillbirth in NSW

NSW Health has partnered with the Stillbirth Centre for Research Excellence, Safer Care Victoria and the Queensland Clinical Excellence Division in the 'Safer Baby Bundle', a national initiative to reduce the risk of stillbirth in Australia.

The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) is leading the NSW implementation of the Safer Baby Bundle as part of its Maternity and Neonatal Safety Program

Resources have been developed for women and care providers to promote best practice care. For further information and resources see the CEC Maternity and Neonatal Safety Program

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