The Henry Review Implementation Planning Committee is driving actions in response to the 77 recommendations of the review of health services for children, young people and families within the NSW Health system by Emeritus Professor Richard Henry AM (the Henry Review). The planning committee made the following decisions at it's fourth meeting on 25 November 2020.

The draft terms of reference for the new Children Young People and Families Executive Steering Committee (CYPFESC) have been agreed

The state-wide committee will provide leadership to strengthen the provision of NSW Health services for children, young people and families. The committee will have an annual work plan.  The focus for the first year will be the delivery of the Henry Review Implementation Plan.

The first edition of the Henry Review Implementation Plan is being finalised  

The implementation plan will be a living document and publicly available. The first edition is close to finalisation. Actions have been designed to address all Henry Review recommendations. All actions have an executive sponsor, who is accountable for delivery of an action and a project manager who will lead implementation and ensure appropriate engagement of partners and broader consultation when needed.

Some actions in the plan are only the first step in addressing a review recommendation. The CYPFESC will review progress in delivering these actions and endorse next steps. Progress on delivery of the Implementation Plan will be regularly reported.  

Governance of children, young people and families focused committees will be refreshed

Chairs of relevant committees and networks were asked to complete a short report.  This information will be used to understand and refresh the governance, decision-making and escalation pathways and clarify communication pathways. The analysis of reports will be considered at a workshop in early 2021 and recommendations will be presented to the CYPFESC.

Approach to ongoing communication has been approved

  • When the Henry Review Implementation Plan has been endorsed a briefing pack will be made available to support communication about the plan and how it will drive change.
  • System communiqués will continue. These have been well received by stakeholders and will continue to be used to update the system about the work of the state-wide committee.
  • A Henry Review web page has been developed. The implementation plan, communiqués, and update reports will be published on this site.
Current as at: Friday 26 February 2021