we keep it zippedWe keep it zipped – we provide a confidential service for young people

Developed by NSW Centre for Advancement of Adolescent Health in partnership with the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Sydney Local Health District, St George Youth Service (READY Project), this set of resources addresses confidentiality for young people.

The poster and pocket-sized card are to explain confidentiality of health services for young people aged 12 to 24. These resources were developed through extensive consultation with an identified expert group including young people. These resources are aligned with the NSW Youth Health Framework 2017-2024.


  •  Poster
  •  Pocket-sized card
  •  Fact sheet - topics covered include:
    • confidentiality
    • young people's health rights and responsibilities
    • how personal health information is kept private
    • when young people can make a decision about their own health
    • situations where information needs to be shared
  •  Information sheet for services - provides information regarding how these resources are to be displayed and used.

Ordering resources

These resources are currently out of print.  Please access them online.      ​

Current as at: Monday 23 August 2021