Two decades ago, NSW was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to take the lead in acknowledging the health needs of men, with the launch of the Moving Forward in Men’s Health policy.

Since then, NSW Health has worked with key partners to deliver a wide range of research, innovative services, resources and awareness raising about men’s health.

The NSW Men’s Health Framework has been developed in collaboration with key stakeholders. It provides the latest evidence on the most prevalent health issues for men and boys, as well as which groups are most at risk.

The framework captures NSW Health’s current commitment to these health issues and highlights further work to do to improve health outcomes in four key areas in the coming years.

The framework supports the NSW health system by raising:

  • awareness of issues impacting on men’s health
  • opportunities to build on existing services and activities.

The framework also communicates NSW Health’s vision to achieve optimal health and wellbeing outcomes for boys and men in NSW.


The framework is available in two formats:

File Size: 3670 kb
Type: Report
Date of Publication: 12 June 2018
ISBN: 978-1-76000-756-0
SHPN: (HSP) 170616