​Working with people with a mental illness and supporting their families and carers is pivotal to achieving strong outcomes in mental health care.

Research shows supporting carers benefits consumers, including enhancing the effectiveness of service delivery, decreasing hospital admissions and reducing relapse rates.

In acknowledgement of the need to support carers and involve them in care the NSW Government has funded the Family and Carer Mental Health Program since 2005.

The program focuses on delivery of family friendly mental health services in local health districts, one in which clinicians and other health professionals are at all times supported to:

  • consider the family and carer network or system throughout the consumer journey
  • support consumers to involve their families and carers in the most appropriate way for both the consumer and the family and carer
  • provide general information to families and carers, such as about how the mental health system works, and fact sheets about different mental illnesses and treatments
  • recognise family and carer needs, and provide information and/or referrals to help them access support, information, education and advocacy
  • recognise that the needs of families and carers change over time, and to respond to these changes
  • recognise their own personal and organisational values, and ensure that they operate to the benefit and not detriment of families, carers and consumers.

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