​Saving someone’s life can begin with having a conversation. Approximately 40 per cent of people who die by suicide have not had contact with health services in the past 12 months. We can support people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts or distress by creating opportunities to have a conversation.

Through the Community Gatekeeper Training initiative, organisations across NSW have received funding to deliver specialty suicide awareness and prevention skills training courses to over 10,000 members of the community.

Gatekeepers are people in our community who may come into contact with people who are experiencing suicidal thinking or behaviour. This could include people who work in our community as sports coaches, teachers, youth workers, clergy, pharmacists, aged care workers, people working in the construction industry, and many others. 

As part of Gatekeeper Training, members of the community will learn how to identify behavioural changes or elevated suicide risk, and skills to safely speak to and support individuals experiencing suicidal ideation or self-harm.
NSW Health has partnered with the following organisations across NSW to deliver gatekeeper training:


If you’re interested in the Community Gatekeeper Training initiative, you are welcome to reach out directly to the organisations: 

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