Hayley Conforti: The staff seemed really deflated and there wasn’t much hope for the consumers that were there.

Dr Ifitikhar Ahmad: Prior to PCLI, to be honest it was quite bleak for us because we don’t have many options.

Maike Kaehler: Previously really, we didn’t have any options for a particular group of consumers.

Hayley Conforti: In the past we kind of like our hands felt a bit tied. So we might speak to people about where their ideal house would be or where would they like to live, but then you felt like it was an empty promise.

Jenny Weldon: The world would be a duller place without PCLI. It would be a more restrictive place without PCLI.

Dr Ifitikhar Ahmad: We had more options available for consumers and there is a big hope that now we would be able to discuss, discharge and complete the process of discharge to the community.

Hayley Conforti: The morale itself has lifted quite significantly and the OTs are now excited to go to those wards.

Maike Kaehler: That there’s now hope for quite a large number of consumers or there’s an end point in terms of their inpatient stay.

Dr Ifitikhar Ahmad: There are so many stories about success and happiness.

Maike Kaehler: It feels good to hear stories of success.

Hayley Conforti: When you get told how well someone is going it makes what you are doing worthwhile.

Jenny Weldon: When that person offers you a cup of tea in their new home it's like beyond amazing. It's amazing.

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