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A person’s carer is a critical part of their support network. This network influences a person’s wellbeing.

With the permission of the person you are supporting, families and carers should be:

  • treated as partners
  • actively involved in planning and decision making
  • informed of relevant information
  • kept updated about any issues impacting on the provision of supports
  • considered in decision making.


Messages from mental health carers for mental health workers
Responses of people who support and love someone with a mental illness when asked 'what would you say to mental health workers?’
Produced by: Mental Health Commission of NSW

Carers of people with mental health conditions (MHCC Mental Health Rights Manual)
This chapter of the manual provides information for anyone who cares for someone living with a mental health condition.
Type: Manual
Produced by: Mental Health Coordinating Council

A Practical Guide for Working with Carers of People with a Mental Illness
This guide provides an overview of how to work effectively with carers, who are a crucial component of any partnership approach to service delivery.
Type: Article
Length: 48 pages
Produced by: Mind Australia and Helping Minds

Walking with Carers in NSW
This brochure provides an overview of the rights of carers with links to help them access support.
Type: Brochure
Reading/viewing time: 40 pages
Produced by: NSW Health

Family and carer mental health support services and programs
This page describes programs available to support carers and includes the contact details of NSW support services.
Type: Web page
Produced by: NSW Health

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