Experience a dynamic and rewarding career in midwifery. Midwives share the journey from pregnancy to parenthood with women and their families.

Last updated: 28 September 2022

A midwife wearing a mask checks a baby being held by it's mother. The mother is sitting in a hospital bed and her partner is looking on.Midwifery means ‘with woman’. Midwives work with women and families, sharing knowledge and experience reciprocally, acknowledging each woman’s unique culture, values and experiences. Midwives practice within many models and settings to care for women and their families at a very significant time in their lives.

Progress your midwifery career

Develop and enrich your midwifery career with support from a range of NSW Health scholarships for postgraduate studies for midwives.

Nursing and midwifery scholarships Midwifery in NSW Midwifery Continuity of Carer Model Tool-kit - Professional practice MidStart: applying for a postgraduate midwifery student position in NSW Health - Careers in nursing and midwifery Exploring Student Midwives Experiences (ESME) - Leadership and culture GradStart: Graduate nursing and midwifery recruitment - Careers in nursing and midwifery Midwifery models of care

NSW Health promotes multiple models of care to support women, babies and midwives. Midwifery continuity of care models enable midwives to work to their full scope of practice and develop meaningful relationships with the women they care for.

Start your midwifery career

There are two pathways to becoming a registered midwife:

  • complete a Bachelor of Midwifery or
  • registered nurses may complete postgraduate studies in Midwifery.

GradStart is the NSW Health graduate recruitment program for registered midwives who have completed the Bachelor of Midwifery.

MidStart is the career pathway for registered nurses to become midwives. It offers paid employment while postgraduate midwifery studies are completed.

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