Public dental service activity

The following figure shows the number of dental service events provided for public dental patients each financial year.

Public dental service activity is enhanced by funding provided under the National Partnership Agreement on Public Dental Services for Adults, an agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the States and Territories to contribute to the improved oral health of public dental patients.

Line graph of Service Events per Financial Year. Text version in Table 1 below

Financial year FY11/12 FY12/13 FY13/14 FY14/15 FY15/16 FY16/17 FY17/18 FY18/19 FY19/20 FY20/21
Child243,908273334266,347235,555220,810210,574211,005207,494 174,294 186,197
470,398565,020560,342575,627586,920608,204625,727 560,851 614,482
All Ages638,102743,732831,367795,897796,437797,494819,209833,221 735,145 800,679

Public dental service waiting lists

The following figure shows the total number of public dental patients waiting for assessment and treatment by financial quarter. This data is also available in table format.

Line graph of residents waiting for dental assessment and treatment

Public dental service waiting lists by local health district

The following table shows the number of public dental patients waiting for assessment and treatment at each Local Health District (LHD), as at 31 March 2021. Note that these figures reflect LHD where service was provided, not patients' LHD of residence. Also does not include patients who are waiting for specialist dental services.

Local health district Child assessment Child treatment Adult assessment Adult treatment
Central Coast612
Far West129
Hunter New England4730
Illawarra Shoalhaven
Mid North Coast26363185,695
Nepean Blue Mountains
Northern NSW7701,2738,067
Northern Sydney511161,5842,483
South Eastern Sydney1,11501,7006,599
Southern NSW226101,71165
South Western Sydney 1,2042,3331,21110,282
Western NSW1,1431928592,839
Western Sydney4922,8346,6102,770
8,731 6,757 24,304 86,964

A table showing public dental waiting lists by priority code is also available.

Current as at: Thursday 12 August 2021