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About the scheme

Dental services are generally provided through NSW public dental clinics. On occasion, the public dental service may issue an Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme (OHFFSS) voucher for patients to receive treatment from a private dental practitioner registered with the public dental service.

Public dental staff will decide whether a dental voucher is appropriate for the type of treatment you require. Patients cannot request a voucher directly from the public dental service.

Voucher types

There are three types of vouchers that may be issued depending on a patient’s dental needs:

Urgent care vouchers

An urgent care voucher may be issued to address a specific, urgent issue.

Urgent care vouchers are valid for 1 month and can be redeemed with a dentist.

General care vouchers

A general care voucher may be issued to address all of your oral health needs, except dentures.

General care vouchers are valid for 3 months and can be redeemed with a dentist or may be able to be redeemed with a dental therapist, oral health therapist, or dental hygienist depending on your treatment needs.

Denture care vouchers

A denture voucher may be issued if you require full or partial dentures.

Denture vouchers are valid for 3 months and can be redeemed with a dental prosthetist and may be able to be redeemed with a dentist if they provide denture services.

Information for patients

If you are issued a voucher, public dental service staff will either make you an appointment with a practitioner of your choice or give you a list of practitioners to contact in your own time. If you lose the list of practitioners, you can find a practitioner on the public list.

Once your treatment has been completed, you will need to sign the voucher and the practitioner will return this to the public dental service. You will not have to pay for the dental care that has been authorised by the public dental clinic.

For more information please see the information for patients fact sheet and frequently asked questions.

Information for providers

Private dental practitioners who are registered on the Scheme can accept OHFFSS vouchers from public dental patients.

Treatment must be provided in accordance with:

For more information please see the information for providers fact sheet and frequently asked questions.

Applying to be an OHFFSS provider

Private dental practitioners need to apply to become OHFFSS providers via the online administration system. All dentists, dental prosthetists, dental therapists, oral health therapists and dental hygienists are encouraged to apply to participate in the Scheme. The practice you work at must also register on the Scheme.

As part of your application, businesses and practitioners must provide the following:

Businesses must provide:

  • company/trading name
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • relevant bank details
  • radiation management licence (if applicable)

Practitioners must provide:

  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) registration number
  • radiation user licence (if applicable)
  • Working with Children Check number

All practitioners must agree to the terms and conditions to join the Scheme.

To register you or your business, please visit the online administration system. Acceptance and ongoing registration on the Scheme is at the discretion of NSW Health.

For more information please see the applying to be a provider fact sheet and frequently asked questions

Contact us


For enquiries about public dental services or a voucher that has been issued to you, contact your local public dental service on 1800 679 336.

Businesses and practitioners

For enquiries about participation status, payment, or vouchers, please contact the OHFFSS Coordinator in the relevant local health district either via the Contact Us page on the online administration system, or using the contact details provided under the Health Districts page once you are logged into the system.

For general enquiries about the Scheme, Policy Directive, or Schedule of Fees, or if you have forgotten your login details for the online administration system, please call the statewide OHFFSS coordinator on 1800 938 133 or email us.

Current as at: Thursday 25 January 2024