Important: COVID-19 and public dental services

NSW Health is committed to providing safe and appropriate public dental services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about the changes to our services and how they might affect you. 

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About the scheme

The Oral Health Fee For Service Scheme (OHFFSS) allows public dental services in NSW to outsource treatment to private dental practitioners.

When a patient requests dental treatment they are prioritised for care and may receive treatment at a public dental clinic, or if appropriate, be given the option to receive the treatment from a private provider (using an OHFFSS voucher).

Note that the decision to provide treatment within a public dental clinic or by issuing a voucher lies with the public dental service, and is assessed on a case-to-case basis.

Information for patients

Patients may be given an OHFFSS voucher for specific treatment if public dental staff determine that a voucher is appropriate for the type of care needed.

If a voucher is issued, public dental service staff will either make you an appointment with the provider of your choice, or give you a list of providers to contact in your own time. If you lose your list, you can find a provider on the OHFFSS website.

Patients who have been given an OHFFSS voucher can use it with any provider registered for the scheme up until the expiry date.

For more information about the scheme, please see the Oral Health Fee For Service Scheme Brochure.

Information for providers

Private dental practitioners need to apply to become OHFFSS providers.

All OHFFSS providers and businesses must comply with the Terms and Conditions outlined in the scheme's Policy Directive and Schedule of Fees:

Please note that encouraging patients to request vouchers directly from public dental services may be considered a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Applying to become an OHFFSS provider

  1. Dental practitioners who wish to participate in the scheme first need to ensure that their business (dental practice) is registered on the OHFFSS website.
  2. The business must then contact the OHFFSS Coordinator at each local health district they wish to do business with to begin the HealthShare vendor registration process. Contact details for the OHFFSS Coordinators can be found in the secure area of the OHFFSS website.
  3. Individual practitioners can then be added through the business’s login on the OHFFSS website. Practitioners who work at more than one business need to be added separately within each business's login.

Note that each local health district reserves the right to add or remove the listing of individual practitioners within their jurisdiction. In addition, both provider and business profiles must be kept up to date to stay listed on the scheme.

OHFFSS support

  • Patients should contact their local public dental service if they have any enquiries about OHFFSS vouchers.
  • For voucher issues, businesses should contact the OHFFSS Coordinator for the local health district that issued the voucher. Contact details for the OHFFSS Coordinators can be found in the secure area of the OHFFSS website.
  • For business enquiries about the OHFFSS website, Policy Directive or Schedule of Fees, please call 1800 938 133 or email us.
Current as at: Tuesday 8 December 2020