Routine dental care can resume, however, the following precautionary measures should continue:

  • Routine screening for all patients for any symptoms or any contact with a known COVID-19 case or have been to a place of concern.
  • Dental practice staff and clinical team members should be vaccinated with two doses (mandatory for NSW Health staff). Before the commencement of duties, staff should be screened for symptoms, contact with a known case, or attendance at a place of concern.
  • All practitioners should continue to apply a risk assessment approach to assess their ability to provide appropriate care for the patient. They should also apply necessary personal protective equipment and other infection prevention and control measures appropriate to the setting and the procedure. 
    • Some care may still be delayed because of the nature of the procedure.  
  • As parts of NSW continue to emerge from stay at home orders and other COVID-19 restrictions, areas deemed as at higher risk of COVID-19 may continue to experience periods of increased transmission and associated restrictions. If this occurs, dental practitioners in these affected areas may need to limit their provision of dental care again. As the situation is rapidly evolving we encourage practitioners to regularly check the NSW Government website. 

COVID-19 guidelines for dental services have been developed to ensure appropriate risk management measures and personal protective equipment requirements during the pandemic response.

All dental treatment for confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 should be deferred wherever alternative management options (such as antibiotics or pain control) are appropriate, until the patient is recovered and released from isolation. Emergency dental treatment for confirmed or suspected cases should not be treated in an office-based environment as airborne precautions are recommended.

What does this mean for dental patients?

You can receive dental care. However restrictions may still apply in some areas. 

All patients can expect to be asked screening questions before attending a clinic.

Current as at: Thursday 4 November 2021