What does this mean for patients?

Routine dental treatment can resume for most patients.  
All patients will be asked these screening questions before attending a clinic:
  • Are you experiencing respiratory symptoms (i.e. sore throat, cough) or a fever 37.5°C?
  • Have you been in contact with a probable, suspected, or confirmed case of COVID-19?
  • Have you been in contact with any person with undiagnosed viral respiratory illness?
  • Do you live, or have you travelled through a geographically localised area with elevated risk of community transmission, as defined by public health authorities?
Public dental clinics are currently prioritising urgent care and dental treatment that was postponed due to the previous level of dental restrictions. NSW Health policies and guidelines will continue to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of patients across the state and assist in determining the urgency of patients’ dental conditions.  
With physical distancing still in place, the number of patients able to be in the waiting rooms is reduced which will limit the number of patients we can treat at a given time. You may be asked to wait in your car, or limit the number of visitors that attend with you.
To organise an appointment or for dental advice, please contact your local public dental service.
Current as at: Friday 17 July 2020