Local health districts (LHDs) and specialty health networks (SHNs) are responsible for pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery at a local level, including clinical services, public health and support services.

Pandemic planning resources

NSW plans

  1. NSW Health Influenza Pandemic Plan (PD2016_016)
    The primary purpose of the NSW Health Influenza Pandemic Plan is to provide guidance to NSW Health staff and agencies on how to effectively prepare for and respond to an influenza pandemic, in order to minimise the adverse health impacts on the NSW population and reduce the burden and disruption to health-related services in NSW.
    The Plan is intended to be flexible enough to provide guidance on the response to a large outbreak of any highly transmissible respiratory pathogen with significant morbidity and mortality.
    This is the principal influenza pandemic planning document for health services in NSW to be aware of as they develop their own supporting pandemic plans and arrangements.
    Appendix 8 is a checklist to assist LHDs and SHNs in preparing local pandemic plans
  2. Mass Vaccination During an Influenza Pandemic (GL2018_008)
    This Guideline provides LHDs with the operational level detail required to plan for the operation of vaccination clinics in a pandemic situation. It describes scenarios and strategies that LHDs/SHNs need to consider when vaccinating population groups during a pandemic.
  3. Pandemic Preparedness and Response with Aboriginal Communities in NSW (GL2019_009)
    This Guideline outlines the strategies that LHDs are expected to consider when planning services for Aboriginal people in partnership with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in preparation and response to an influenza pandemic in NSW.
  4. Influenza Pandemic - Providing Critical Care (PD2010_028) [Under review]
    This policy provides direction to NSW LHDs and SHNs for the delivery of critical care services during an influenza pandemic.
  5. Hospital Response to Pandemic Influenza Part 1: Emergency Department Response (PD2007_048) [Under review]
    This document describes the Emergency Department component of a health service response to pandemic influenza.
  6. NSW HEALTHPLAN (PD2014_012)
    This plan identifies the NSW Health emergency management arrangements to coordinate a whole of health response in the event of an emergency through planning, preparation, response and recovery.
  7. NSW Government Human Influenza Pandemic Plan
    This plan aims to identify measures and mitigating strategies to protect the community and minimise the impact of an influenza pandemic on NSW. It encompasses government, non government services, business and the community.

National plans

  1. Australian Department of Health – Pandemic Influenza
    This site contains links to the Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza and to a range of resources to assist health care services and providers prepare for influenza pandemics.

Other related resources

  1. World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
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