​Health professionals in NSW need to plan for how they will respond to an influenza pandemic and how essential health services will be maintained, particularly when there is widespread community transmission and pressures on critical resources.

Health care providers, including specialists, general practitioners, nurses, Aboriginal Health Workers, paramedics, pharmacists and other health care providers will all play important roles during an influenza pandemic. These roles are likely to change over the course of an influenza pandemic, particularly for the primary care sector.

In NSW, each Local Health District (LHD) is responsible for planning for and responding to influenza pandemics within their districts. During the transition to LHDs, pandemic plans developed by the former NSW Area Health Services were adapted and updated to reflect new LHD arrangements.

Information for general practice

Royal Australia College of General Practitioners (RACGP) - Pandemic Flu Kit

Information for emergency departments

Information for critical care

PD2010_028 Influenza Pandemic - Providing Critical Care
This policy provides direction to NSW Local Health Districts for the delivery of critical care services during an influenza pandemic. It provides key principles for clinical, operational and organisational aspects of intensive care services to inform health disaster planning and response, and in particular critical care bio preparedness planning in NSW.

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