During a pandemic threat, NSW Health will provide regular information updates to all health care providers on the current status of the pandemic and provide alerts when there is a significant development, such as a change in the pandemic phase or when there are changes to case testing or management recommendations.

  • Peak bodies for health professionals will be consulted on the most appropriate format and timing of updates.
  • Communications to health professionals will include advice on the arrangements for assessing suspect pandemic influenza cases, and what actions the community will be advised to take.
  • Guidance will be circulated on how to safely manage and, if appropriate, refer suspected pandemic influenza patients, and how to manage contacts.
  • Health professionals will also be directed to a dedicated pandemic influenza area for health professionals on Emergency preparedness. This will have situation updates together with current case definitions and clinical advice (e.g. infection control advice, testing and treatment guidelines, ordering anti-influenza medications or vaccines).
  • Local health districts will also be providing information to local health professionals and liaising with Medicare Locals and other local health professional organisations.
Current as at: Thursday 26 September 2013
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