• Children First, 2022 - 2031
    Children First, 2022 – 2031 is the NSW multiagency public health framework for preventing and responding to problematic and harmful sexual behaviours by children and young people (PHSB). It sets the vision and priorities for how NSW can and will work together to support children and young people who have displayed, or been affected by, PHSB. Children First is supported by Talking About It, the NSW prevention action strategy. It sets out the evidence for why and how NSW needs to act to prevent children and young people presenting with, and being harmed by, PHSB. It responds to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse recommendation that we implement primary prevention strategies to “educate family, community members, carers and professionals (including mandatory reporters) about preventing harmful sexual behaviours” (rec 10.1).
  • We can make a difference – A case for change
    We can make a difference sets out the evidence and key arguments that underpin Children First, 2022 - 2031 and Talking About It. It builds on the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, provides a discussion of the evidence for a public health response to problematic and harmful sexual behaviours (PHSB) displayed by children and young people, and aligns this with the key strategic drivers and priorities in NSW.
  • Workshop Report: NSW Government Framework for the prevention and response to problematic and harmful sexual behaviours
    In July 2019, NSW Government agency partners met to begin preliminary work on the Framework. The workshop included a keynote presentation from Professor Simon Hackett, an expert in this field, who shared his learnings from the UK approach.
  • Access and Engagement with services for Sexual Safety for children and young people with problematic and harmful sexual behaviour: AccESS study (University of Wollongong, School of Health and Society)
    Research commissioned by NSW Ministry of Health, as part of the program of work to improve service system design and response to children and young people who have displayed problematic and harmful sexual behaviour (PHSB). The AccESS report explores characteristics and services pathways of children and young people who have displayed PHSB in NSW. The report also draws on the perspectives and lived experiences of young people, parents and carers to identify factors that support or hinder service accessibility and engagement.
  • AccESS Study Infographics
    An infographic summary providing a concise snapshot of the key findings of the AccESS study.
  • New Street Service Policy and Procedures
    Evidence informed clinical practice guidance for New Street Services. New Street is a coordinated, community based, specialist treatment service for 10 to 17 year olds who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviours towards others.
  • New Street Evaluation
    A 2014 evaluation of New Street Services found that the service has achieved significant outcomes with young people and their families, with positive impacts for both individuals and the child protection system as a whole. Economic evaluation has found New Street Services provide clear economic benefits for government.
  • Under 10s Evidence Check
    Current best evidence about effective models of service delivery for the treatment and prevention of problematic or harmful sexual behaviour in children under 10.

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