The NSW Health Smoke-free Health Care Policy means that all NSW Health buildings and grounds are smoke-free except for designated outdoor smoking areas set up by the local health district. 

The aim of the policy is to reduce the risks to health associated with tobacco use by patients, staff and visitors to NSW Health facilities and reduce the community's exposure to second-hand smoke.

What this means for patients and visitors

  • Limited ability (if any) to smoke while on the premises of NSW public hospitals and health services
  • Support for admitted patients who are smokers to manage their nicotine dependence (cravings and withdrawal symptoms) while in hospital. This includes being offered nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and referral to NSW Quitline 13 7848
  • At least three days supply of NRT for patients who smoke on discharge and a referral to their GP for subsidised NRT
  • A smoke-free environment for all to enjoy.

What this means for all NSW Health staff

  • Abiding by the smoke-free health care policy by not smoking in NSW buildings, grounds and cars
  • Informing patients and visitors about the policy
  • Ensuring there is adequate signage and information about the policy for patients and visitors
  • For staff who smoke, being aware that they can access up to four weeks of free NRT from their organisation to help them manage their nicotine dependence and quit smoking.

What this means for health professional staff

  • Ensuring all patients are asked about their smoking status on admission and those who smoke are offered brief intervention to manage their nicotine dependence
  • Being able to provide effective evidence-based management of nicotine dependence (see Managing Nicotine Dependence: A guide for NSW Health staff) of patients and clients who smoke
  • Documenting smoking status and actions taken to support patients to manage their nicotine dependence
  • Monitoring patients for withdrawal symptoms and cravings and ensuring these are adequately controlled during their admission
  • Supporting young people to quit e-cigarettes (see NSW Health: Guide to Support Young People to Quit E-Cigarettes)
  • Arranging follow-up support on discharge including referral letter to the patient's GP and referral to NSW Quitline 13 7848.
Current as at: Monday 14 December 2020
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