The information on this page is a summary of the First request patient information guide - Voluntary assisted dying​. Please read this page and the guide together.

There are 11 steps in the voluntary assisted dying process in NSW. For most steps, you can work your way through the process at your own pace.

You can pause or stop the process at any time. You don’t need to give a reason.

The flow chart below shows the main steps in the process. More steps may be required based on your individual situation. You can also download and print this flow chart or read in your language​.

Start by asking your doctor about voluntary assisted dying. For most people, this will be a doctor on your treating team who is looking after your healthcare.

Only some doctors in NSW can provide voluntary assisted dying. You can contact the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Care Navigator Service if your doctor says they do not do voluntary assisted dying. The Care Navigator Service can help you find a doctor, answer your questions and support you through each step of the process.

Voluntary assisted dying in NSW​​

You can read more information about each of these steps in the First request patient information guide - Voluntary assisted dying.

Step 1.

You make a first request for voluntary assisted dying to a doctor.

Step 2.

A coordinating doctor completes a first assessment.

Step 3.

Another doctor does a consulting assessment.

Step 4.

You complete a written declaration.

Step 5.

You make a final request for voluntary assisted dying.

Step 6.

Your coordinating doctor completes a final review.

Step 7.

You decide how to take the medication, with support from your doctor.

Step 8.

Your doctor applies for a medication authorisation. The Voluntary Assisted Dying Board grants approval.

Step 9.

Your doctor prescribes the medication.

Step 10.

You take or are given the medication if and when you choose.

Step 11.

A death certificate is issued.

Current as at: Tuesday 28 November 2023