Delivering Under Pressure [DUP] is a positive psychology coaching program that has been specifically designed in collaboration with Converge International to support NSW Health's junior medical staff. The program is a proactive, self-referral service.

To arrange a confidential appointment call 1300 566 321.

The DUP program includes 3 x 1 hour positive psychology sessions which focus on wellbeing and the creation of a satisfying life filled with meaning, pleasure, engagement and accomplishment. We recognise that sometimes life can be stressful, and challenges are inevitable. However, there are evidence-based strategies that enable people to navigate these challenges more effectively and enable them to enjoy life despite them.

Areas in which DUP can support you:

  • managing stress
  • managing workload
  • learning to care without becoming emotionally exhausted
  • enhancing all aspects of health and wellbeing. ​​​​​
Current as at: Wednesday 4 November 2020