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Each and every one of us working in NSW Health contributes to our world class health system and achieving the best health and wellbeing for patients and community. We are the largest public health system in Australia, with over 146,000 staff across the state who come from a diverse range of backgrounds. We reflect the community that we serve, which means that we can treat all our patients and clients with respect, understanding and compassion. Our diversity makes us the best we can be at serving our communities.

Diversity brings great things to our workplace culture, including our ability to work together, and to have a happy and productive workplace. Our workplace is one of respect, inclusion and belonging. This means treating everyone with courtesy and valuing everyone's contribution, regardless of their position, role, gender, ethnicity or ability. A lack of respect can be shown through behaviours such as gossiping, refusing to listen, excluding individuals from opportunities and social events, and being dishonest. In particular, racism has no place in NSW Health, and is directly contrary to our CORE values.

I am committed to achieving a workplace culture that values and celebrates staff diversity. And NSW Health is committed to continuing to create an environment that is, physically and psychologically safe for Aboriginal people, and all our staff. Our aim is that from the first encounter with us, staff and patients know that workplace diversity is a positive and important part of how we work.

I encourage you to explore the Diversity Inclusion Belonging guide. Together we can make NSW Health the best place to work and the best health service possible for the people of NSW.

Elizabeth Koff
Secretary NSW Health


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Download the full version of the Diversity Inclusion Belonging Guide

Current as at: Thursday 25 November 2021