Additional restrictions are currently in place for all of NSW. Visit NSW Government - Coronavirus (COVID-19) for up-to-date information about COVID-19 measures, case locations and testing.

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Let’s keep it going – protect our mob

Keep our mob COVID safe

Get tested

Tell staff immediately

Gathering safely

How do I self-isolate? flyer
Also available in a print friendly version

Wearing a mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19

Important COVID-19 Sorry Business information

Stop the spread

Help keep our mob safe

Just got tested for COVID-19?

Travelling?  Plan ahead

Keep our communities healthy - Good health and hygiene

Keep our communities healthy - Stay connected

Social tiles

Stay at home order

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Stay home if you have visited Orange, Blaynay, Cabonne

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Yarn up

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You must carry a mask

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Vaccination - Barbie Fusitu'a

Vaccination - Raylene Gordon


Vaccination - Mi-kaisha

Professor Kelvin Kong

Vaccination - Geri Wilson-Matenga


No visitors

What do stay-at-home orders mean?

What is considered an essential reason to leave?


Visitors to your home are limited to five people including children

Masks are now mandatory in all indoor public venues in NSW

Masks are now mandatory at all outdoor organised events in NSW

Everyone should be seated in hospitality venues

Our mob needs to get vaccinated to keep this virus away

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Get together in a COVID safe way

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Social tile: Always check in

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Social tile: Feeling sad or overwhelmed

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Social tile: Don't be shame, reach out


Social tile: Reach out to someone

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Social tile: Stay connected to culture

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Social tile: If you can't distance,
Wear a mask

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Social tile: How to wear a mask

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Social tile: If you're unwell, get tested

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Social tile: Stay COVID safe

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Carousel tile: Travelling

Carousel tile: Wash your hands

Carousel tile: Keep a safe distance


Carousel tile: Cough or sneeze into your elbow

Carousel tile: If unwell, don't travel - Get tested nearby

Carousel tile: Keep our mob safe 


Social tile: Keep our communities

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Social tile: Keep your community safe - wash your hands with soap

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Social tile: Keep a distance from others

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Social tile: Staying connected keeps us strong

Social tile: Protect your community


COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines - Professor Kelvin Kong

COVID-19 vaccines - Albury Elder Mr Kenneth Murray

COVID-19 vaccines - Mi-kaisha

COVID-19 vaccines - Raylene Gordon

COVID-19 vaccines - Barbie Fusitu’a


I got vaccinated. You can too.


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