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Gathering safely flyer

How do I self-isolate? flyer
Also available in a print friendly version

Wearing a mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19

Sorry Business flyer for attendees/guests

Get tested

Keep our mob COVID safe


Stop the spread

Travelling?  Plan ahead

Just got tested for COVID-19?

Looking after your health and wellbeing


Keep our communities healthy - Good health and hygiene

Keep our communities healthy - Stay connected


Social tiles

Our mob needs to get vaccinated to keep this virus away

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Get together in a COVID safe way

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Social tile: Always check in


Social tile: Feeling sad or overwhelmed

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Social tile: Don't be shame, reach out

Social tile: Reach out to someone

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Social tile: Reduce stress, eat well, stay active

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Social tile: Stay connected to culture

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Social tile: If you can't distance,
Wear a mask

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Social tile: When to wear a mask

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Social tile: How to wear a mask

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Social tile: If you're unwell, get tested


Social tile: Stay COVID safe

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Carousel tile: Travelling

Carousel tile: Wash your hands


Carousel tile: Keep a safe distance

Carousel tile: Cough or sneeze into your elbow

Carousel tile: If unwell, don't travel - Get tested nearby

Carousel tile: Keep our mob safe 

Social tile: Keep our communities healthy

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Social tile: Keep your community safe - wash your hands with soap

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Social tile: Keep a distance from others

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Social tile: Staying connected keeps us strong

Social tile: Protect your community



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