Additional restrictions are currently in place for all of NSW. Visit NSW Government - Coronavirus (COVID-19) for up-to-date information about COVID-19 measures, case locations and testing.

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Aged care

Residential Aged Care Toolkit

Help us protect residents

Stop COVID-19

COVID Safe Residential Aged Care

We know it is a worrying time


Aggression is never okay


Impact of a COVID-19 case on a business

Case alerts and locations

COVID-19 case alerts

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Do not visit if you've been to a COVID-19 Case location

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Check-in to venues

Do the right thing - always check in

Community transmission

Why one case matters

Community pharmacy

Pharmacy wobbler

Pharmacy Do not enter

COVID-19 symptoms and testing

New testing locations

COVID-19 symptoms and testing

Got symptoms? Get tested

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Got symptoms? Get tested

Get tested

Identifying the symptoms

Don't delay a COVID-19 test

COVID-19 testing clinic

COVID-safe toolkit

Further resources are available in the NSW Government's COVID-safe toolkit

Destination resources

Poster - Visiting from out of town?

Door hanger - Feeling unwell?

GP clinics

Tell staff immediately

Hygiene and handwashing

Have you washed your hands

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How to Handwash

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How to Handwash
(printer friendly)

Hand sanitiser safety for children

Hand sanitiser safety for children (printer friendly)

Hygiene advice for people living in residential buildings

Cleaning surfaces at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19

Help us stop the spread


Face mask - message for health workers

Wear a mask in common areas in Arabic, Chinese, Bangla, Indonesian, Mongolian, Nepali, Russian and Spanish

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and in A3

Wear a mask in common areas in Assyrian, Filipino, Greek, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Portuguese, Thai and Vietnamese

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and in A3

Message for parents, carers and visitors to healthcare facilities

How to wear a medical mask

How to fit and remove a surgical mask

Wear a mask if you can't keep 1.5 metres away

Wear a mask in residential
common areas – Greater Sydney

Wear a mask at indoor construction sites in NSW

Mental health

Look after your mental health

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Over 60s

Older Australians 60+ years -
Stay safe and healthy

Protection and physical distancing

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe

Protect yourself from viruses - Portrait (A3)
Landscape (A3)

Guidance for essential service personnel

Help us stop the spread

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Stay safe and healthy these holidays

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Elevator physical distancing

Physical distancing

Self isolation

When do I need to self isolate?

How do I self isolate


Who to call

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Translated COVID-19 information

Translated COVID-19 information


Attention residents - visitor restrictions

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