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Wearing masks

Message for parents, carers and visitors to healthcare facilities

Message for Health workers

How to wear a medical mask

Hygiene and handwashing

Have you washed your hands

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How to Handwash

How to Handwash
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Hand sanitiser safety for children

Hand sanitiser safety for children (printer friendly)

Hygiene advice for people living in residential buildings

Cleaning surfaces at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 symptoms and testing

New testing locations

Got symptoms? Get tested

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COVID-19 testing clinic

Who should get tested at COVID-19 testing clinics?

Get tested

Identifying the symptoms

Protection and physical distancing

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe - physical distancing

Aged care - Protect yourself and your loved ones

Protect yourself from viruses - Portrait (A3)

Portrait (A4), Landscape (A3)

Guidance for essential service personnel

Help us stop the spread

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Elevator physical distancing

Physical distancing

Community pharmacy

Pharmacy symptoms

Pharmacy wobbler

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