COVID-19 testing clinics in Northern NSW hospitals have introduced an innovative personalised Quick Response (QR) code which allows patients to register faster to receive their test results.

Come for a COVID-19 test in Lismore, Tweed, Byron or Grafton hospitals, and you'll be able to quickly register for your test results with a simple scan on a smartphone.

Patients are handed a personalised QR code printout, which once scanned, will automatically set up their SMS result registration using the details already entered into the testing clinic's computer system.

After a successful pilot at Lismore Base Hospital in January 2021, all four hospital testing clinics progressively began using the new QR method throughout February.

NSW Health Pathology pioneered the COVID-19 SMS Results Service to help the public get faster, convenient access to their results given the high number of COVID-19 tests being performed.

A project team involving NSW Health Pathology, eHealth and Clinical Information System teams from Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD), led by Melissa Ingram, has been working for several months to develop the localised technology and systems to support the improved registration method.

'Using this new process, we're reducing both the time taken for a patient to register for the SMS result notification, and the possibility of data being incorrect or mismatched,' Ms Ingram said.

'It's now a one-step scan, rather than having to enter multiple pieces of personal information over a series of text messages.

'For our community members who may speak another language, it will help reduce barriers for them to register to receive their results via SMS.

'If patients need help to register, our clinic staff are right there and can walk them through the process.'

Feedback during the pilot was overwhelmingly positive, with patients saying the QR system was 'much easier' and 'user-friendly'.

The majority of negative results are provided by SMS within 24 hours and has significantly reduced time waiting for results and in self-isolation.

Private pathology providers may deliver results differently, so it is important for people to check with the clinic where they are tested for their preferred notification service.

Current as at: Thursday 25 February 2021
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