The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) is supporting the massive NSW response to the COVID-19 pandemic with expertise in infection prevention and control, appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and distribution of relevant, local guidance as the pandemic unfolds.

To support hospitals and healthcare workers, our small but expert teams have so far reviewed 284 personal protective equipment products for suitability for use in NSW public hospitals and released 69 COVID-19 resources.

The CEC website has in-depth information about appropriate use of PPE to support staff through this time.

Respiratory protection in healthcare

The Respiratory Protection in Healthcare guidance focuses on all elements of safe respiratory protection, including how to ensure respirator masks are managed, worn and used safely.

The guidance, released this week, sits alongside other elements of respiratory protection, including social distancing, hand hygiene and fit checking masks and respirators.

Each of these elements are vital parts of a broader infection prevention and control program in hospitals and other clinical settings for healthcare workers.

The guidance also points to the importance of updated advice around application of PPE during the pandemic. Each of these documents have been developed to help ensure the safety of our health staff.

Current as at: Thursday 13 August 2020
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