​The NSW Drug and Alcohol Clinical Research and Improvement Network (DACRIN) was formed over a decade ago by Australia's foremost drug and alcohol clinical researchers, with the aim of enhancing research and providing opportunities for collaboration between alcohol and other drug (AOD) clinical services.

DACRIN was initially formed as an informal network of founding members, all of whom either led or collaborated in most of Australia's large addiction medicine trials, many resulting in changes in treatments and improvements in the experiences of people impacted by alcohol and other drugs.

In 2018 the NSW Ministry of Health recognised these longstanding successful collaborative relationships and funded a Statewide Coordinator position, effectively formalising DACRIN and providing the opportunity for the network to grow.

Inaugural DACRIN Chair

Professor Nicholas Lintzeris (2019-2021)

Professor Nicholas (Nick) Lintzeris is an Addiction Medicine specialist who has been involved for over three decades in clinical service delivery, research, professional education and policy activities in the AOD field. Nick has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of DACRIN from the onset and served formally as the DACRIN Chair from 2019 to 2021. As the former DACRIN Chair and a current member of the DACRIN Council, Nick continues to provide invaluable support and guidance to the network.

Former DACRIN Statewide Coordinators

Dr Libby Topp (2019-2020)

As the first formally appointed DACRIN Statewide Coordinator, Dr Libby Topp was fortunate to build on the achievements of both Sarah Hutchinson (see below) and Dr Bethany White, who, under the leadership of the founding Directors, developed the first Terms of Reference and other governance structures for the network, while maintaining their substantive positions in South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) and Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), respectively. 

As DACRINs first full-time Coordinator, Libby  focussed on establishing the DACRIN 'brand', realising DACRINs vision and mission and strategic priorities, developing mechanisms by which the expertise, systems and processes of the member organisations could be shared across the network,  and welcoming new member organisations to the network. 

Sarah Hutchinson (2021)

Sarah Hutchinson currently serves as the Manager of Clinical Research and Evaluation, Drug & Alcohol Services at SESLHD. Sarah acted in the role of DACRIN Statewide Coordinator throughout 2021 ensuring the continuation of DACRIN initiatives, whilst maintaining her substantive role. Sarah is a current member of the DACRIN Council and as such continues her invaluable involvement in DACRIN.

Current as at: Friday 9 September 2022