Open to recruitment

The following DACRIN studies are recruiting participants.

Information regarding eligibility, participating organisations and contact details is available via the registry links provided or by searching ClinTrial Refer, an online search tool displaying all DACRIN trials open to recruitment.

Study title Lead group Study details
​DACRIN 2022-3: Case Mix Variables ProjectUniversity of WollongongContact us
DACRIN 2021-4: The National Australian HCV Point-of-Care Testing Program (HCVPOCT) The Kirby InstituteClinicalTrials.gov NCT05042544
DACRIN 2021-3: Enhancing hepatitis C testing and treatment among people who inject drugs attending needle and syringe programs (TEMPO) The Kirby InstituteClinicalTrials.gov NCT04014179
DACRIN 2021-2: Microdosing with buprenorphine to transfer from methadone to buprenorphine in adults with opioid dependence - a prospective non-randomised open label clinical trial DACRIN (SLHD) Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry ACTRN12622000444785
DACRIN 2020-5: Characterizing withdrawal from depot buprenorphine: an observational case series of withdrawal from BuvidalDACRIN (SESLHD)

Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry ACTRN12621001011875

DACRIN 2020-4: A trial of the effectiveness of vaporised nicotine products for smoking cessation amongst NSW opiate agonist treatment clients (HARMONY)DACRIN (HNELHD)Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry ACTRN12621000148875
DACRIN 2019-6: Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) client concerns and wishes regarding cognitive impairment treatment (AOD Cog) DACRIN (NLHD)

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Closed to recruitment

The following DACRIN studies are no longer recruiting however data collection is still underway.

Study titleLead groupStudy details
DACRIN 2019-3: Examining clinical outcomes and quality indicators for clients attending NSW public alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment services (COQI Cohort Study)DACRIN (SESLHD) COQI Program
DACRIN 2017-5: ETHOS Engage: Enhancing treatment of Hepatitis C in Opioid Substitution Setting II (ETHOS II) partnership project to enhance hepatitis C care in drug and alcohol clinics The Kirby Institute

Conway, Valerio et al. 2021
Valerio, Alavi et al. 2021
Conway, Valerio et al. 2022
Valerio, Alavi et al. 2022


Data collection is complete for the following DACRIN studies and data analyses, or manuscript preparation, is underway.

Study title Lead group Study details
DACRIN 2020-6: The ‘DACRIN Data Project’: a consensus approach to harmonising data collection for AOD services.DACRIN DACRIN Data Project Report 2022
DACRIN 2019-4: Driving perspectives, behaviours and concerns of consumers receiving opioid treatmentDACRIN (SLHD)

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DACRIN 2019-2: Developing a clinical data laboratory for methamphetamine use in NSW: the MAData project. DACRIN (SESLHD) NCCRED
DACRIN 2018-6: An open label, multicentre, single arm trials of monthly injections of depot buprenorphine in people with opioid dependence (CoLAB) NDARCClinicalTrials.gov NCT03809143
DACRIN 2018-2: Obtaining normative substance use, health and wellbeing data for clients attending NSW public drug and alcohol treatment services (ATOP Normative)


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DACRIN 2017-4: Incentives to quit tobacco in pregnancy (iQuip)DACRIN (HNELHD)Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry ACTRN12618000576224

DACRIN 2016-5: Improving alcohol treatment outcomes: The impact of client, intervention and system variables on treatment outcomes (Alcohol Treatment Centre study)

University of Newcastle

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DACRIN 2016-4: Defining the clinical role of topirimate in the treatment of alcohol dependence in Australia


Morley, Kranzler et al. 2018
DACRIN 2016-3: A randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study of lisdexamphetamine for the treatment of methamphetamine dependence (The LiMA study)DACRIN (SVHN) Ezard, Dunlop at al. 2018

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