Lead Group Study Title Study Outcomes
​DACRIN​DACRIN 2020-7: A survey study to assess the individual, team-level and organisational research capacity of government and non-government (NGO) services in the NSW alcohol and other drugs (AOD) sector​Sterling, Hudson et al. 2023
DACRINDACRIN 2020-6: The 'DACRIN Data Project': a consensus approach to harmonising data collection for AOD services.Monds, Topp at al. 2023
DACRIN (SESLHD) DACRIN 2020-1: The role of mental health and cognitive functioning in predicting successful completion of the magistrates early referral in to treatment (MERIT) program Link to publication coming soon
DACRIN (SESLHD) DACRIN 2019-5: A pilot study integrating a contraception clinic into an Australian inner-city drug and alcohol serviceDay, White et al. 2020
DACRIN (SLHD) DACRIN 2019-1: Drug and alcohol services for the Lebanese Muslim community in Sydney (1800 Relief) Lindegaard Moensted and Day 2022
NDARC DACRIN 2018-6: An open label, multicentre, single arm trials of monthly injections of depot buprenorphine in people with opioid dependence (CoLAB) Farrell, Shahbazi et al. 2022
DACRIN (SESLHD) DACRIN 2018-5: Implementation and evaluation of take-home naloxone for opioid overdose prevention in emergency department settings. The ONE study Black, Monds et al. 2022
DACRIN (SESLHD) DACRIN 2018-4: HS-17-585 A randomised, open-label, multi-centre trial comparing a once-weekly and once-monthly long-acting subcutaneous injectable depot of buprenorphine to buprenorphine standard of care in adult outpatients with opioid dependence (DEBUT) Lintzeris, Dunlop et al. 2021
Turning Point DACRIN 2018-4 (DEBUT sub-study): Patient experiences of long-acting subcutaneous injectable depot buprenorphine: a qualitative study. Barnett, Savic et al. 2021
DACRIN (SESLHD)DACRIN 2018-2: Obtaining normative substance use, health and wellbeing data for clients attending NSW public drug and alcohol treatment services (ATOP Normative) Lintzeris, Deacon et al. 2021
DACRIN (HNELHD) DACRIN 2018-1: Assessing the safety and feasibility of long-acting depot of buprenorphine in adults requiring treatment for opioid use disorder in NSW custodial settings (UNLOC-T) Roberts, White et al. 2021
Dunlop, White et al. 2022
Ling, White et al. 2022
Little, White et al. 2023
The Kirby InstituteDACRIN 2017-3: Real world efficacy of antiviral therapy in chronic hepatitis C (REACH-C) Yee, Carson et al. 2022
DACRIN (SLHD) DACRIN 2017-2: Improving management of comorbid substance use and mental illness with an integrated stepped care approach. Pathways to comorbidity care Louie, Giannopoulos et al. 2021
Louie, Morley et al. 2021
DACRIN (SESLHD) DACRIN 2017-1: Implementation and evaluation of take-home naloxone for opioid overdose prevention in drug and alcohol treatment and needle syringe programs attendees (ORTHN Naloxone_TRGS) Lintzeris, Monds et al. 2020
Monds, Bravo et al. 2022
DACRIN (SESLHD) DACRIN 2016-2: Clinical Outcomes and Quality Indicators (COQI) framework evaluation: Establishing the psychometric properties and developing a composite indicator for the NSW DAS COQI Framework.COQI Program
The Kirby InstituteDACRIN 2016-1: Scale up of treatment for hepatitis C infection among people who inject drugs: A phase IV, open-label, single arm, multicentre trial of elbasvir/grazoprevir for genotype 1 or 4 in people with chronic hepatitis C virus infection and recent injecting drug use or receiving opioid substitution therapy (DARLO C) Grebely, Read et al. 2020
DACRIN (SESLHD) DACRIN 2015-3: HS-14-499 An open-label multicentre study assessing the long-term safety of a once-weekly and once-monthly, long-acting subcutaneous injection depot of buprenorphine in adult outpatients with opioid use disorder Frost, Bailey et al. 2019
DACRIN (SESLHD) DACRIN 2015-1: An RCT of cannabinoid replacement therapy (Sativex®) for the management of treatment-resistant cannabis dependent patients (Sativex 2) Lintzeris, Bhardwaj et al. 2019
DACRIN (HNELHD) DACRIN 2014-1: Kronic in the clinic 2.0 (KIT-C): The use of synthetic cannabinoids by NSW cannabis clinic clients. Jackson, Brown et al. 2021
The Kirby InstituteDACRIN 2012-1: Healthy liver campaign (LiveRLife) Marshall, Micallef et al. 2015

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