Bruce, Registered Nurse, Milton Ulladulla Hospital: I moved to the area 26 years ago. Saw an ad for a fisherman’s paradise. I like fishing so I thought I’ll go and live there. I love living and I love working in a rural setting.

Jenny, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Ulladulla: Being a nurse in a small rural community is really rewarding. You are part of the community, and it’s a pretty active community.

Michelle, Registered Nurse, Milton Ulladulla Hospital: Oh, there’s lots of advantages, lots of advantages. The best part would be that you’re close to home, because we live in this community.

Janie, Registered Nurse Shoalhaven Cancer Care: I live locally. I’m about half an hour south of Nowra on a little property close to Jervis Bay. It is a gorgeous part of the world. We get to live in the best of both worlds. I get to live close to somewhere that I love and also have a job that I love.

Carla, Clinical Nurse Consultant , Shoalhaven Hospital: So, I have been working at Shoalhaven Hospital for about 8 years. We were able to buy a beautiful acre property that’s cut out amongst a vineyard. Nice big home, five bedrooms, pool. Kids love it. We love it. Beautiful beaches nearby. Vineyards. The cost of living is so low Why would you not want to work here?

Jenny, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Ulladulla: I think in a sense everyone knows who you are, and you put a lot more into your work because you’re part of the community.

Mel, Registered Nurse, Milton Ulladulla Hospital: The community take the time to talk to you and acknowledge you because you’ve got that rapport. The recognition that you’re one of the nurses at the hospital and everybody is connected. Coming from the Gold Coast I never had that opportunity and I think it has slowed me down and it has made me enjoy the slower pace because I can recognise things I took for granted to be honest. Quality time together with family, mainly.

Michelle, Registered Nurse, Milton Ulladulla Hospital: Sometimes you don’t realise what you’re missing until you’re brave enough, courageous enough to try another kind of living. And it’s pretty sweet living down here by the coast. Yeah, definitely. It is, yeah.

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