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Section 41(1) Local Government (General) Regulation 2021

A1 Gippsland Septic Tanks and Concrete Products Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Graham McDonald
143 Bosworth Road, Bairnsdale, VIC, 3875
Phone: (03) 5625 3066
Website: www.a1concreteproducts.com.au
Septic Tank: 3200L
Collection Wells: 1800L and 3200L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW038 Expires 31/12/2025

Bennetts Concrete Products

Contact: Ms Jodie Spresser
286 Princes Highway, South Nowra, NSW, 2541
Phone: (02) 4422 3861
Septic Tank: 2050L, 2550L, 3500L
Collection Well: 2050L, 2800L, 3600L, 4450L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW009 Expires 31/12/2025

BioSeptic Pty Limited

Contact: Mr Bob Martin
67 Smeaton Grange Road, Smeaton Grange, NSW, 2567
Phone: (02) 4629 6666
Septic Tank: 3550L, 6950L
Collection Well: 3750L, 3800L, 5000L, 6100L, 7200L, 10,000L
Combined ST & CW: 2300/4700L, 2750/5500L, 2300/6000L
Pump Well: 100L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW003 Expires 31/12/2028
Combined Multi-chambered Single Tank for S10 NR STS-AWTS
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW050 Expires 31/12/2027

Bissett Company Pty Ltd (trading as Allcast Precast)

Contact: Mr Jarrod Bissett
40 Hill Street, Woombye, QLD, 4559
Phone: (07) 5442 2522
Web: www.allcastprecast.com.au
Septic Tank: 3050L, 4000L, 4250L, 4450L, 7000L.
Collection Well: 3200L, 4400L, 4600L, 7000L.
Septic Tank/ Collection Well: 7000L (Aussie Treat)
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW014 Expires 31/12/2025

Central Coast Septics Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Bart Kruf
7 Marklea Close,Tuggerah, NSW, 2259
Phone: (02) 4352 2154
Fax: (02) 4352 1471
Septic Tank: 2300L, 2800L, 2800L, 4000L
Collection Well: 2050L, 2300L, 2800L, 4000L, 7100L
Combined ST & CW: 7100L
Pump Well: 900L, 2050L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW015 Expires 31/12/2025

Ecoflow Wastewater Management

Contact: Mr Gavin McLean
25 Shannon Place, Virginia, QLD, 4014
Phone: 1300 138 182
Email: info@ecoflo.com.au
Web: ecoflo.com.au
Septic Tank: 2300L
Certificate of Accreditation STCW047 Expires 31/12/2026

Eco-Septic Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Stuart Day
65 Warradale Road, Warragamba, NSW, 2752
Phone: (02) 4774 1316
Concrete Tanks
Combined ST/CW: 7100L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW037A (Concrete) (Certificate) Expires 31/12/2025
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW037B (Poly Series) (Certificate) Expires 31/12/2025
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW046 (Poly Collection Well) Expires 31/12/2025

Everhard Industries Pty Ltd (Geebung)

Contact: Mr Mayank Patel
454 Newman Road, Geebung, QLD, 4034
Web: www.everhard.com.au
Phone: 131 926
Concrete Tanks
Septic Tank: 3000L, 3900L, 4000L
Collection Well: 3000L, 3900L, 6000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW033 Expires 31/12/2027

Injection moulded polypropylene tanks
Septic Tank: 3000L, 4000L
Collection Well: 3000L, 4000L
Pump Well: 450L, Combined 250/450L, Combined 250L/450L/600L, 600L, 1000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW001 Expires 31/12/2028

Fabranamics Pty Ltd (trading as Pureablue)

Contact: Mr John Willoughby
52 Seaton Street, Armidale, NSW, 2350
Phone: (02) 6772 3810
Collection Well: 3000L, 10,000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW012 Expires 31/12/2025

Fuji Clean Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Dwain Sullivan
2/176 Siganto Drive, Helensvale, Qld, 4212
Phone: 1300733619
Email: info@fujiclean.com.au
Web: www.fujiclean.com.au
Septic Tank/Collection Well: 4360L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW008 Expires 31/12/2025

Global Rotomoulding Pty Ltd

Contact: Mrs Noelene Bellette
14 Nans Road, Helidon Spa, QLD, 4344
Phone: (07) 4697 7099
Fax: (07) 4697 7706
Septic Tank/Collection Well: 3000L, 4500L, 5000L & 6000L
Pump Wells: 550L, 570L & 1000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW021 Expires 31/12/2025

Gough Industries Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Ian Gough
833 Ingham Road, Bohle Townsville, QLD, 4817
Phone: (07) 4774 7606
Freecall: 1800 069 805
Pump well: 600L, 1000L(cube), 1075L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW035 Expires 31/12/2023

Gowing Precast Pty Ltd (trading as Aussie Precast Products)

Contact: Mr Ian Gowing
11229 Princes Highway, Cobago, NSW, 2550
Phone: 0427 111 082
Website: www.aussieprecast.com.au
Septic Tank: 3050L, 3500L, 4600L, 3550L (shallow depth)
Collection Well: 3150L, 3750L, 4570L, 5500L, 3600L (shallow depth)
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW017 Expires 31/12/2025

Graf Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Esun Mazinani
23 Success Way, Henderson, WA, 6166
Phone: (08) 9437 4949
Septic Tanks and Collection Wells Carat Range: 2750L, 3750L, 4800L, 6500L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW011 Expires 31/12/2024
Herkules Holding Well: 1600L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW049 Expires 31/12/2024

Graham's Precast Concrete Products Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Peter Graham
4-8 Craig Street, Kyogle, NSW, 2474
Phone: (02) 6632 2978
Web: www.grahamsprecast.com.au
Septic Tank: 2050L, 2300L, 3000L, 3100L, 5000L
Collection Well: 2050L, 2300L, 3000L, 3350L, 5300L, 7000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW013 Expires 31/12/2025

Halgan Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Jaime Cascajares
141 Magnesium Drive, Crestmead, QLD, 4132
Phone: 1800 626 753
Web: www.halgan.com.au
Septic Tanks: 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L, 4000L and 5000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW039 Expires 31/12/2025

Highland Tanks Pty Ltd (trading as Highland Concrete Tanks)

Contact: Precast Civil Industries Pty Ltd
16 Gantry Place, Braemar, NSW, 2575
Phone: 1800 049 911
Septic Tank: 4500L, 7100L
Collection Well: 4000L, 6000L, 6200L, 7300L, 8500L & 10,000L
Combined ST & CW: 2550/5000L, 3000/4550L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW005 Expires 31/12/2025

Hopley Pty Ltd (trading as Sepron)

Contact: Ms Jo Hopley
59 McCombe Road, Bunbury, WA, 6230
Phone: 1300 017 170
Web: www.sepron.com.au
Poly Septic Tanks: 2200L, 3400L composite
Poly Collection Well: 2200L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW042 Expires 31/12/2024

Icon-Septech Pty Ltd (trading as Precast Civil Industries)

Contact: Mr Kevin McVeigh
11 Industrial Drive, Pakenham, VIC, 3810
Phone: 1300 557 143
Septic Tank: (Horizontal Axis) 3200L, 4250L
Collection Well: (Horizontal Axis) 3200L
Pump Well/Collection Well: 950L, 1050L, 1700L, 2050L, 3750L, 3800L, 4650L, 10,500L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW024 Expires 31/12/2024

Kingspan Water & Energy Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Gerry Quinn
3 Herbert Place, Smithfield, NSW, 2164
Phone: 1300 736 562
Fax: 1300 736 582
Email: sales.au@kingspan.com
Web: www.kingspan.com.au/wastewater
Collection Well: 6900L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW043 Expires 31/12/2023

Mid West Concrete Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Alan Mascord
84 Marshalls Lane, Blayney, NSW, 2799
Phone: (02) 6368 2444
Email: sales@midwestconcrete.com.au
Web: www.midwestconcrete.com.au
Septic Tank: 2050L, 2300L, 3400L, 4000L
Collection Well: 2050L, 2500L, 3600L, 4000L, 5000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW016 Expired 31/12/2025

Orenco Systems Inc. USA

Contact: Mr Bill Hensley
8/4 Airway Ave, Sutherlin, Oregon, 97479, USA
Email: bhensley@orenco.com
Septic Tank 4000L and 6400L
Collection Well 4000L and 6400L
Certificate of Accreditation STCW010 Expires 31/12/2024

Polymaster Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr James Steele
161 Karinie Street, Swan Hill, VIC, 3585
Phone: 1800 062 064
Email: sales@polymaster.com.au
Web: www.polymaster.com.au
Septic Tanks: 3100L & 4550L
Collection Wells: 3300L & 5000L
Pump Wells: 700L, 1000L, 1300L
Certificate of Accreditation STCW020 Expires 31/12/2026

Precast Civil Industries Pty Ltd (trading as Supertreat Systems (QLD))

Contact: Mr Gary Hilton
32-34 Cumners Road, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350
Phone: (07) 4634 3860
Web: www.civilmart.com.au
Septic Tank/ Collection Well for Turbojet
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW044 Expires 31/12/2027

Precast Concrete Wangaratta Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Maurice Hill
9 Murrell Street, Wangaratta, VIC, 3677
Phone: (03) 5722 3955
Septic Tank: (Horizontal Axis) 3050L and 4500L
Collection Well: (Horizontal Axis) 3150L
Pump Well: 740L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW018 Expires 31/12/2027

Reln Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Owen Luke
14 Williamson Road, Ingleburn, NSW, 2565
Phone: (02) 9605 9999
(injection moulded polypropylene tanks)
Septic Tank: 3200L Deep Invert, 4000L
Collection Well: 3200L Deep Invert, 4000L
Pump Well: 450L/600L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW002 Expires 31/12/2025

Rotoplas (Aust) Pty Ltd

Contact: Miss Lauren Sargeant
8 Prince of Wales Ave, Unanderra, NSW, 2526
Phone: 1800 218 000
Web: www.rotoplas.com.au
Pump Wells: Vertical Axis, 250L, 700L, 1200L, 1600L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW048 Expires 31/12/2025

SPE Polytech Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Bob Pullen
23 Blackwall Road, Woy Woy, NSW, 2256
Phone: (02) 4342 4743
Web: www.spepolytech.com.au
Email: abspe@bigpond.net.au
Polyethylene pump wells and collection wells
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW006 Expires 31/12/2023

Suncoast Waste Water Management (trading as Ozzi Kleen)

Contact: Mr Michael Blee
59 Industrial Avenue, Kunda Park, QLD, 4556
Phone: (07) 5459 4900
Septic Tank: 4506L (two models)
Collection Well: 1208L, 1225L, 4150L (two models), 5250L, 5300L, 5350L
Pump Well: 300L, 350L, 663L, 850L, 1225L, 1640L, 1735L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW041 Expires 31/12/2028

Taylex Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Steven Tedmanson
56 Prairie Road, Ormeau, QLD, 4208
Phone: (07) 3441 5200
Concrete Tanks
Septic Tank: 2400L, 3750L
Collection Well: 4000L, 5000L, 10,000L, 15,000L, 20,000L
Pump Well: 800L
ABS Collection Well: 9,320L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW027 Expires 31/12/2025
Polyethylene tank
Collection well: 6066L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW032 Expires 31/12/2025
Concrete Collection Wells for ABS AWTS
9,300L, 10,700L, 11,000L & 11,700L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW045 Expires 31/12/2025

Viscount Rotational Mouldings Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr Mike Chapman
81 Frankston Gardens Drive, Carrum Downs, VIC, 3201
Phone: 1300 366 685
Web: www.viscountroto.com.au
Email: vrmsales@viscount.com.au
Polyethylene pump wells and collection wells
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW007 Expires 31/12/2028

Wastewater Australia Pty Ltd (trading as Garden Master)

Contact: Mr Shaune Speed
5/ 34 Racecourse Road, Rutherford, NSW, 2320
Phone: 1800 632 582
Web: www.gardenmaster.com.au
Email: mail@gardenmaster.com.au
Concrete Tanks 
Septic Tanks: 6400l, 7600L
Collection wells: 6800L, 8000L
Certificate of Accreditation: STCW051 Expires 31/12/2028

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