An access application may be made for all other information held by the Ministry (other than certain information not disclosed).

Applications for access to information under the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 should be in writing using the
Government Information Acce​ss Application, accompanied by the $30 application fee and certified proof of identification if you are seeking access to personal information.

Formal and Informal applications should be directed to:

GIPA Specialist
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
NSW Ministry of Health
Locked Mail Bag 961
North Sydney NSW 2059

For enquiries regarding making a GIPA application to the NSW Ministry of Health, please Email us, or complete the NSW Ministry of Health Feedback.

Information not d​isclosed

Open access information not released by the NSW Ministry of Health due to an overriding public interest against disclosure.

As the NSW Ministry of Health makes decisions about open access information that may not be disclosed due to an overriding public interest, it will publish this information on this website. This will detail the information requested and the reasons behind the NSW Ministry of Health deciding not to release the information.​​

Current as at: Monday 18 March 2024