Kids eating fruits

How do you fundraise for your school or sporting club? Do you run a chocolate drive? Or do you raise your dough through doughnuts?

While unhealthy foods can be popular, they don’t send a great message.

Why not use your fundraising efforts to encourage healthy eating and promote physical activity instead?

Fundraisers that encourage healthy eating and physical activity also help support other initiatives in a school, such as the Healthy School Canteen Strategy and teaching nutrition through the PDHPE curriculum.

There’s lots of fun ways to raise money that can also get your family, friends and neighbours feeling healthier and happier.

Why not try?

  • Hold a ‘mango drive’ or a ‘strawberry drive’ (and say goodbye to the chocolates!).
  • Sell cups of fresh fruit or fruit smoothies at school.
  • Put together a ‘good food’ recipe book.
  • Hold a community fun run.
  • Crank up the music and dance at a disco.
  • Host a ‘My school’s got talent’ quest.

Current as at: Thursday 17 October 2019
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