Winner for Loca​l Solutions

​North​​ern​​ NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD)

Nicole Ashby, Rosemaria Flaherty, Janine Holston, Jillian Skinner

Many child death reviews and commissions of inquiry have recommended improved information sharing within and between agencies as a strategy to prevent harm to vulnerable children.

In 2015, the Northern NSW Local Health District implemented a Child-At-Risk eMR Alert system to allow clinicians timely access to a patient’s child protection status. The CAR Alert system enables clinicians to see that their patient (child or atrisk pregnant woman) has been identified as having wellbeing concerns. This then allows clinicians to view the patient through a wellbeing lens.

The CAR Alert information sharing system has produced excellent clinical outcomes. These include clinician-initiated case reviews of children who have several CAR Alerts on their electronic medical record, escalation of cases to Family and Community Services for a statutory response where required and the ability to maintain wellbeing vigilance on cross-border patients.​​​​​​​​​​



Current as at: Wednesday 26 October 2016