Health Pathways is a free web-based portal designed to offer support to Primary care. The portal provides access to pathways for clinical management and referral advice into local health services. By using this information, clinicians are equipped to make informed decisions about patient treatment, providing them with the right care, in the right place at the right time.

Health Pathways are designed to be quick and simple to use including information on:

  • management and treatment options for clinical conditions
  • educational resources for patients
  • referral information for local services and specialists.

 Who uses Health Pathways?  

Currently, there are twelve health pathway regions that cover the state of NSW. These regions are:

  1. Western NSW PHN / WNSE and FWLHD
  3. South Eastern NSW (COORINAIRE) / IS and SNSWLHD
  4. Northern Sydney PHN and LHD
  5. Murrumbidgee PHN and LHD
  6. North Coast PHN and NNSW and MNCLHD
  7. South Western Sydney PHN and LHD
  8. Central and Eastern Sydney PHN / SES and LHD
  9. Western Sydney PHN and LHD
  10. Nepean Blue Mountains PHN and LHD

For more information on regional Health Pathways, you can visit the CIAP website (NSW Health staff only)

Current as at: Monday 21 September 2020
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