Shared Care Planning (SCP) is the process of facilitating communication between patients and clinicians to support long term health care. Shared Care Planning is central to the NSW Ministry of Health's Integrated Care Implementation (ICI) team's mission to provide better connected and patient centred care.

What is a shared care plan? 

A shared care plan is a patient-centred health record that can be shared by many members of a care team, including the patient and their carers. Shared care plans help to improve relationships, understanding and efficiency. They are especially useful for patients with chronic illnesses/conditions, whose health coordination might be particularly complicated.

Share care plans support several important health outcomes including:

  • communication between patients and their health teams,
  • coordination between health providers,
  • increased transparency,
  • patient self-management,
  • patient engagement,
  • goal setting,
  • provision of timely information,
  • quality of care,
  • shared decision making. 

NSW Health and eHealth NSW are working in partnership with key stakeholders to progress to a system wide approach to shared care planning for NSW. 

Current as at: Wednesday 16 February 2022
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