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 The impacts of where people with diabetes live

This factsheet provides information about people with diabetes live in NSW.

Find more in our impacts of where people with diabetes live fact sheet
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The impact of diabetes managed early in general practices

This factsheet provides information about diabetes diagnosed in primary and acute healthcare settings.

Find more in our impact of diabetes when managed early in general practices fact sheet
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Care-in-GP-Factsheet.pngThe impact of primary care on readmission to hospital

Patients who see their GP following an unplanned admission to hospital have a reduced likelihood of representing in the weeks following discharge.

Find out more in our readmissions to hospital fact sheet*
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*Erratum: This factsheet has been updated due to identification of an error in the initial version.

General practice activity can affect hospital visits (August 2021)

Practices who see their patients more often are associated with fewer ED presentations and hospital admissions than practices who see their patients less often. This was investigated over a 2 year period.

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