​Suicide remains the leading cause of death among young people. The causes of suicide and suicide attempts are complex and generally influenced by a combination of individual, social, cultural, environmental and contextual factors. Most commonly, several risk factors act cumulatively to increase an individual’s vulnerability to suicidal behaviour. However, a suicide attempt is the strongest risk factor for subsequent suicide in the general population.

A new Youth Aftercare service is being piloted in selected NSW locations to provide intensive, community-based non-clinical support services for children and young people following self-harm, suicidal ideation, or suicide attempt.

The program is co-produced with peak bodies, mental health expertise and young people with a lived experience of suicide and their families. This will ensure the service is relevant, accessible and effective in engaging children and young people and help to inform future service delivery for this important population.

The Pilot is made possible through NSW Government funding and a contribution under the Commonwealth Health Innovation Fund.

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In 2019, a repo​rt was commissioned by the NSW Ministry of Health to examine which aftercare services have been found to be effective in reducing further suicide attempts, with a focus on the components that contribute to their effectiveness (Sax Institute, Suicide Aftercare Services: an Evidence Check rapid review, report commissioned by NSW Ministry of Health, October 2019).

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