Since the release of the Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW 2018-2023, significant progress has been made to improve suicide prevention, post suicide care and support to people and communities.

The NSW Government made major funding commitments, including investing $87 million, to implement 15 Towards Zero Suicides initiatives that addressed the priority focus areas of the Framework and the launch of a new suicide monitoring reporting

Much has changed in people's lives with significant challenges having a profound impact on people across NSW communities, including devastating multiple and simultaneous natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Considering these experiences and the greater vulnerability to suicide that can arise, the Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention has been updated to renew the priorities and actions for the next five years. 

Cover of Shifting the landscape suicide prevention strategic framework 2022-27The updated Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW 2022-2027 provides key directions for a five-year, whole-of-government approach to support a whole-of-community response to suicide prevention across NSW. Suicide is a complex issue for people, those around them and the systems of supports for them. It requires focussed and coordinated efforts to prevent suicidal distress, intervene earlier and support those who are in distress, provision of care and support for those who have attempted suicide, and provision of post suicide supports for individuals and communities affected by suicide.

The updated framework builds on the significant achievements of the 2018-2023 Framework, particularly the Towards Zero Suicides initiatives, and acknowledges the extensive investments by Commonwealth, State Governments, and regions.  It draws upon and aligns with the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Agreement, the National Suicide Prevention Adviser's Final Advice and emerging evidence and achievements.  The reach of the Towards Zero Suicides program among priority populations and the broader community has seen the NSW Government recently commit $143.4 million to continue funding the initiatives for another four years.

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