Intellectual disability mental health hubs


Who we are

The Statewide Intellectual Disability Mental Health Outreach Service (SIDMHOS) is a statewide service that helps adults with intellectual or developmental disability to access appropriate mental health care. It is funded by NSW Health.

SIDMHOS is primarily based at Concord Repatriation General Hospital. There is also clinical space for assessments located at Croydon Community Health Centre. The hubs are under the governance of Sydney Local Health District.

The team includes:

  • psychiatrists
  • clinical psychologist
  • neuropsychologist
  • clinical coordinator.

What we do

SIDMHOS provides:

  • assessment of people with intellectual disability and complex mental health problems
  • a report of the person's assessment
  • suggestions to the person, their family and health professionals about what services, types of treatment and care might help the person to reach their goals.

SIDMHOS can also conduct joint team assessments and case reviews, which are primarily through the use of videoconferencing.

How to get help


Eligible consumers are aged 18 and over and have a diagnosed intellectual disability and meet the following:

  • their personal wellbeing or functioning is severely impaired due to either a diagnosable mental illness or emotional or behavioural disturbances
  • ongoing care is being provided by their referring clinician or mental health professional
  • reasonable attempts to assess and manage concerns by a medical professional or mental health professional have not been successful.

Priority will be given to consumers who don't have access to a specialist intellectual disability health team or other specialist intellectual disability mental health services.


Referrals to access SIDMHOS are open to all registered health professionals practicing in NSW who have a consumer they are managing with a confirmed diagnosis of intellectual disability coupled with a mental health condition.

Referrals for case discussions, case reviews ad joint assessments require the referrer to complete the online referral form before an appointment is offered.

If you are unsure what type of clinical service best suits your situation, the intake worker can discuss the options. Call on (02) 9767 7889 or email on

All referrals and requests for advice are during office hours Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

More information is available at Statewide Intellectual Disability Mental Health Outreach Service (SIDMHOS) .

Current as at: Monday 23 January 2023
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