There are a range of policies and plans that provide strategic direction and support for the work performed by multicultural health services across NSW to ensure the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse patients/clients are met and improvements are coordinated statewide. These policies and plans include:

Multicultural Policies and Services Program (MPSP) reporting

 Multicultural Policies and Services Program is a whole of government reporting process that provides valuable information to the NSW Parliament each year on progress made by public sector agencies, including NSW Health, to address the needs of members of the public from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Each year the Ministry gathers information from Local Health Districts, Health Networks, statewide services, Pillars and Ministry branches about multicultural health achievements, planned initiatives and progress under the Policy and Implementation Plan for Healthy Culturally Diverse Communities 2012 - 2016. This information is compiled and included in the NSW Health Annual Report, as well as provided in a more comprehensive report to the Community Relations Commission. The Ministry's Integrated Care Branch coordinates the compilation and submission of this reporting.

The Commission develops the Community Relations Report each year which includes information about NSW Health's innovative work, achievements and case studies. This report, which reflects information submitted by all agencies across Government, is tabled in the NSW Parliament and documents the state of multiculturalism in NSW.

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