Parent Information and Consent Pack


Parents/carers of children at participating schools will receive a Parent Information and Consent Pack from the school before mobile dental clinic visits are scheduled. The Pack includes:

  • Information about the services being offered for your child:
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Privacy statement
  • Reference sheet: components of dental care
  • Public dental service contact details
  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule information sheet
  • Important forms that need to be completed and returned to the school within two weeks:
  • Treatment consent form
  • Financial consent form

If you need another Parent Information and Consent Pack, you can request another from your child's school. 

Consent Pack downloads

Sample Consent Pack (English)

If you would like to preview the contents of the Consent Pack, you can download a sample from the link below.

Please note: Do not print or fill in the sample as it may not be accepted by service providers. Only complete the official Consent Pack sent from your child's school.

Translated Consent Pack Guides

Please note: The Consent Pack Guides below should only be used to complete the official Consent Pack sent from your child's school.
Current as at: Wednesday 14 December 2022