Factsheet for consumers, carers and community members.

Last updated: 28 April 2023

What is remuneration?

Remuneration is a payment to people who are invited to participate in NSW Health activities,

such as committees, working groups and projects.

It is different to:

  • a wage or consultant fee.
  • reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. providing money to cover travel costs).

Why is NSW Health offering to remunerate me?

Remuneration is not legally required, but NSW Health chooses to pay consumers for their valuable time and input into activities.

We are committed to partnering with consumers, carers and communities. Learning from their lived experience helps us improve the safety and quality of our health services.

We know that time commitments and other costs can make it harder for people to partner with us.

Remuneration aims to make it easier for you to participate in activities.

How much do I get paid?

We pay a rate of $40 per hour. If you are chairing or leading committees, the rate is $60 per hour.

A daily rate is also provided, aligned with the Classification and Remuneration Framework for NSW Boards and Committees (Level C1). NSW Government boards and committees | NSW Public Service Commission.

How do I get paid?

The process may vary between NSW Health organisations. We will explain how you will be paid when we invite you to be part of a certain activity.

You will usually need to be set up in NSW Health's payment system. We will ask you for your banking details and an Australian Taxation Office Statement of Supplier Form.

Can I get paid using gift cards and vouchers?

Gift cards and vouchers are not recommended for remuneration. However, some people that do not have a bank account may need to be paid in this way. If this is needed, we'll need to keep documentation about these payments, including getting you to sign a receipt of payment.

Can I be taxed on remuneration payments?

You can only be taxed on what is called 'assessable income'. In general, most payments paid by NSW Health to consumers taking part in activities are not taxed. Your role would be classed as 'volunteer' in the tax system.

Payments received are called honorarium payments. You can check all the criteria for assessable income at:

Paying volunteers | Australian Taxation Office .

Does being remunerated make me a staff member?

No, you are not being paid a salary like a staff member. You can visit this website to learn more about the different types of workers for not-for-profit organisations like NSW Health.

Types of not-for-profit workers |Australian Taxation Office.

Can I decline remuneration?

You can choose to decline the payment if you want. We will record that you declined. We may offer remuneration again at a later time, in case you change your mind.

Do I need to provide a Police Check or vaccination records?

All NSW Health organisations have policies about which checks workers and volunteers need to have.

We will let you know which checks you need when we invite you to be part of a certain activity. This may include a National Police Check, a Working with Children Check, vaccination history or another check depending on the type of activity you are participating in.

Can I claim reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses and remuneration?

Yes, you can receive both, if relevant to your situation. Out-of-pocket reimbursements cover things like travel, car parking and accommodation. These are separate from remuneration, which is payment for your involvement in the activity.

Current as at: Friday 28 April 2023
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