The Leave/Salaries Manual contains policy and procedures for Public Service staff in relation to leave and salaries, complementing the Public Service Personnel Handbook. The manual is separated into three parts Leave, Salaries and Salaries/Leave Part-Time Staff.

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Where a number appears at the bottom of an amended page (e.g. 13(29/03/12) - amendment number, date) an alteration has been made or new section included.

Amendment 30(27/11/14)
This amendment reflects the provisions of PD2014_042 as notified by Strategic Relations and Communications on 27 November 2014.

Amendment 29(24/10/14)
This amendment includes the entire manual. It has been reformatted and with the issue of PD2014_029 various Policy Directives and an Information Bulletin has been removed. Please see amendment page for details.

Current as at: Friday 22 May 2015