The delegations in this manual come from the requirements of some 20 Acts that are public health related and are administered by the Ministry of Health through such areas as: Public Health Units, local health districts and Public Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Services, Private Health Care Monitoring, The NSW Blood Transfusion Services, The Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Public Health Delegations Index


Where a number appears at the bottom of an amended page [e.g. 59(22/01/14) - amendment number, date instrument was signed, an alteration has been made or a new delegation included.

 Amendment 159(16/01/23)
Amendment to Minister delegations in Chapter 6 to include as a delegate the Deputy Chief Pharmacist (Transitional) Executive position for delegations which include the Deputy Chief Pharmacist as an existing delegate. 

 Amendment 158(16/12/22) 
Amendment to include as a delegate Deputy Chief Pharmacist (Transitional) Executive for Secretary delegations in Chapter 1 – Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act, Chapter 6 – Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act and Chapter 9 – Miscellaneous Acts.

 Amendment 157(01/12/22)
Chapter 12 -  COVID-19 Pandemic Response – Public Health Act - Chapter 12 removed from the Public Health Delegations Manual as no public health orders remain in place as of 1 December 2022.

Current as at: Tuesday 17 January 2023